2010 Writing by Room 1

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Room 1s School Garden

In early Summer, we made a vegetable garden in the lawn area by our school hall.
Mr and Mrs Coupe brought us some 'hay manure' from their calf pen to help our veges grow.
Mrs Hinton brought us some old silage to dig in. Our soil was nice and rich!!
FIRST we planted potatoes, carrots, corn, beans, silverbeet and radishes.We planted Marigolds all around the edge.Everything grew like mad! We had 15 breadbags of potatoes. We each took some home.
Next we planted Winter veges.We have red cabbages, green cabbages, kale, silverbeet, celery, cauliflower and broccoli growing. We will take some veges home to cook and eat at the end of term.
Soon we will do Spring planting.

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